Another notch to the ‘Marlowe’ myth

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Exceptional recreation of late 1930s Los Angeles especially considering “Marlowe” was shot in Barcelona, Spain, and in studios in Ireland. Neil Jordan at the helm and Liam Neeson as Philip Marlowe.
Consider the actors who’ve played Marlowe. None better than Elliott Gould in “The Long Goodbye.” And you have James Garner and of course Bogart in “The Big Sleep.” There are others that also rank such as Robert Montgomery in “Lady in the Lake.” Toss in Dick Powell, Robert Mitchum and Powers Boothe and you’ve got a Who’s Who of Hollywood actors from the last century. That doesn’t include an adaptation of a Marlowe novel for the movie franchise The Falcon in the early 1940s. The new “Marlowe” certainly carries the torch with stability.
“Marlowe” has Liam Neeson playing his age. He even says “I’m too old for this,” in one scene. The movie is adapted from a Philip Marlowe novel that was not written by Raymond Chandler.
Neeson’s Marlowe is too old to smoke, too old to run, and not too old to sweet talk whatever wistful lady crosses his path. When push comes to shove this Marlowe uses a gun. Being able to kill a baddie with no loss of conscience surely comes with age and wisdom.
This is an Irish themed excursion into the Marlowe mythology. In addition to the source material penned by Irish writer John Banville, you have Jordan, Neeson and Colm Meaney. Co stars include Ian Hart (British), Alan Cumming (Scottish), and femme fatales Jessica Lange and Diane Kruger.
One scene in particular involves whether Marlowe has drunk a poison drink, and it’s a scene that ends in a wonderful decision to solve issues by clicking triggers. This scene defines the sense of danger in which Marlowe constantly lives and subsequently ties together many loose ribbons that have been tossed in the build-up.
While most of the narrative involves dialogue meant to mislead the viewer in a labyrinth of deep-plot (think “The Big Sleep”) the payoff answers all questions. If you’re sitting on the fence by the end you will root for a new Neeson-inspired franchise.

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