Bad Idea

Anne Hathaway is a goddess supreme and Nicholas Galitzine (Bottoms) provides a worthy foil in a May December romance when they meet cute at Coachella. Is Coachella even a thing nowadays?

The Idea of You is based on the popular novel of the same name.

Galitzine’s character is supposedly based on Harry Styles although author Robinne Lee (herself also an actress in movies and tv) has denied this. Anne Hathaway at the recent SXSW world premiere told the audience to “get over it.”

The Idea of You turns to soap even when you don’t apply water. It’s a romcom custom made to appeal to an audience looking for mindless romance. Hathaway is good since she’s one of the most amazing performers currently in film while relative newcomer Galitzine shows off acting skills like singing.

This would’ve killed had they had the gumption (and the money) to hire Styles. The Idea of You premieres on Prime after a brief theatrical run.

The truth is Anne Hathaway will never be a cougar. She’s eternally beautiful and you have to wonder why we haven’t already been erecting statues of her in multiple city plazas. A lesser actress would be a cougar, not Hathaway. Galitzine is good in the role, growing musically as well as growing as an adult. Still the part calls for someone who could not only act the role but write an award winning song to warble.

The Idea of You starts out on a solid patch of road but then derails, Evoking social media memes with cell phone gags that are older than a Blueberry and emotions that are considered cliche on low rated television shows can only go so far.

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