Boy against world

Director Moritz Mohr is the mastermind behind Boy Kills World, a no-holds barred violent journey through a dystopian future. There’s a definite directorial stamp to the action on display.

Boy Kills World delivers the goods in a genre that fetishizes blood curdling violence mixed with social satire. There’s furrier dressed combatants on a stage snowy landscape that has no link with anything else in the film except that it’s part of the strange universe Boy Kills World wants to colonize.

Actors like Bill Skarsgård, Sharlto Copley, Michelle Dockery, and Famke Janssen lend credibility to this movie yet the candlelight of immediacy is burning at both ends. A dystopian view of the future as seen by today’s standards. Full of killing and mayhem and delightful set design.

Perhaps not oddly this sub-genre of post-apocalyptic cinema is quite common in this era. Remember when virtual reality themed films were a dine a dozen? Just as nobody is talking about Lawnmower Man (1992) today it’s unlikely anyone will be talking about Boy Kills World tomorrow.

There was more than one moment in the film where I was thinking isn’t this where Nicolas Cage enters stage right?

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