‘Catching Fire’ burns bright

No one ever went broke making a documentary about peripheral aspects of The Rolling Stones. Catching Fire: The Story of Anita Pallenberg criss-crosses between her role as a muse for the band in their golden era as well as an intimate look at her film career and personal life.

Anita Pallenberg who had children with Keith Richards previously had been the girlfriend of fellow Stone Brian Jones. Pallenberg most notably appeared in the film Performance, which also starred Mick Jagger and is in fact a pivotal film from the late-60s. Pallenberg’s relation to all three is given an under-the-microscope treatment.

“I see you down in San Antone on a hot and dusty night.”

Catching Fire captures the tumultuous times of the ’60s with passion and precision and Pallenberg had a front row seat. The documentary also features candid interviews with two of her her kids, Angela and Marlon Richards, as well as Marianne Faithful and Richards.

Most of her films are covered as well as private aspects of her life. In a full circle indicative of life itself Pallenberg reunites with Performance co-star James Fox in the 2007 film Mr. Lonely.

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