Into the Woods

Sasquatch Sunset has primitive appeal. It may take the average biped a while to conform to the film.

Sasquatch Sunset is about four sasquatch creatures living in a thick forest. The time period is not clear. What is clear is that Sasquatch Sunset is no more than that, a one-trick-pony concept. The four actors wander through their world grunting, shitting, puking, fucking, pissing, beating on trees with sticks and nothing seems to happen. Yet what happens is tremendous.

What pulled me into the film was the relationships between these four similar but very different Bigfoots. There’s some amazing character twists that wouldn’t be out of place in a 1960s Disney movie where the animals are the stars wandering to their lost home.

Only these animals-slash-prototype humans are the opposite of cute. They repeatedly use their fingers to wipe their crack and sniff. In other words they act exactly how every human who could possibly watch this film does in private.

The gross out factor is high. I had to examine my own tolerance for jolting cinematic spectacle. Very few films have ever given me a chill down my back. Only instead of visceral fear it was more like repugnant revulsion.

It’s hard to relate to the grunts and howls the characters bellow when they have dripping green wet puke on their lower lip fur.

Allow me to digress. The costume or make-up and hair departments are why this film exists. The long shots are magnificent with the majesty of endless mountain peaks casting shadows on verdant forests with the creatures walking through as if they belong there. And perhaps they do.

On a side note this film totally appropriates a scene out of Sometimes A Great Notion.

The close-ups show hands and facial features that seem an extension of a body covered in unwashed fur. The actors are so hirsute they must have been in make-up for hours. I’m almost more interested in how the production was shot.

It’s easy to see this becoming a cult film but hard to imagine Sasquatch Sunset becoming a regular midnight movie where people throw their poop at the screen during specific scenes.

Even though the closing credit roll shows images of the four actors as their Sasquatch counterpart I will be damned if I could tell Jesse Eisenberg or Riley Keough apart. The Zellner Brothers, one who also plays a Sasquatch in the movie, are going to get a lot of attention when the film opens on April 19.

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