‘Monkey Man’ seeks vengeance

Definitely one of the most violent film Universal has ever released. An impressive first directorial effort from star Dev Patel Monkey Man goes to darkplaces most films avoid.

In some ways this film reminds me of the kind of stunt choreography seen in films like The Raid and The Raid 2.

Set in India a young man (Patel) makes money fighting in ad hoc matches disguised with a monkey mask. After repeatedly getting his ass kicked he gets hired at an exclusive restaurant/private club. Patel’s way in is returning a stolen purse to the owner. There is a sense of ambiguity to Monkey Man, and all of your questions are answered by the end.

And what an end it is, a tour de force of action stunt work and single take camera shots. At one point Patel is fighting two guys in an elevator with a couple of kitchen knives as his weapon of choice.

After repeatedly stabbing one he starts on the other guy, only the other guy is using his hands to block Patel’s blows. So Patel takes the knife in his mouth and drives it into the guy’s neck.

That’s what I call an action sequence.

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