Odds and Sods: This Closeness & D.I.Y. Duck

This Closeness

Intriguing and well done drama that takes place mainly in a single room. Kit Zauhar writes, directs, and co-stars.

The whole affair would make a compelling stage play. But Zauhar finds movie magic in just conversation.

A couple rents a room in an apartment but the owner (lease holder) is in the other room. Kind of like an Airbnb only with the owner being there.

The couple makes fun of their temporary landlord who has his awkward moments, but all the characters are young and make the kind of presumptive errors that define youthful indiscretion.

This Closeness draws you in through character development and pays off with believable confrontations. It’s as close as I’ve seen any new millennium indie film play like an Eric Rohmer film.

This Closeness is currently in select theaters and starts streaming on MUBI on July 3.

DONALD’S STARRING ROLE – Walt Disney Animation Studios celebrates 90 Years of Donald Duck with “D.I.Y. Duck,” an all-new animated short which marks Donald Duck’s first starring role in nearly 63 years. Written and directed by legendary animator Mark Henn, and produced by Emmy® award-winner Dorothy McKim, “D.I.Y. Duck” will debut on June 9 on Disney+, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ YouTube, Disney Channel and Freeform. © 2024 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

D.I.Y. Duck

It’s a Donald Duck cartoon, in fact the first cartoon short (not feature) that Donald has been in since 1961’s The Litter Bug.

From the Disney press release: “This new short includes dialogue by Clarence “Ducky” Nash, who originated the voice of Donald in the 1934 short, The Wise Little Hen, and voiced the character for the next 50 years. Donald’s vocal gestures and assorted wise quacks in D.I.Y. Duck are delivered by way of archival voice recordings of Ducky Nash.”

D.I.Y. Duck runs 3-minutes and is currently streaming on Disney +.

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