Offbeat horror film gets high ratings

Late Night With the Devil takes viewers behind the scenes of a late night talk show. The host charmingly played by David Dastmalchian, a character actor of note easily tackling this lead role, guides a special Halloween episode with guests versed in the occult.

As helmed by the Cairnes siblings Cameron and Colin Late Night With the Devil provides above average horror thrills. More to the point the film lampoons television productions values in a sardonic manner.

Dastmalchian’s Jack Delrpoy holds his own creating a type of male ingenue different than what we’ve seen in his supporting roles, which are usually weird characters like the one he played in Prisoners.

Obviously an inexpensive effort but since it’s basically one set the film is not hamstrung by a low-budget atmosphere. The look of the broadcast, set in 1977, resembles typical big city style productions where the stage is modest compared to, say, The Tonight Show, but still has a professional sheen and depth.

The patter of dialogue changes from pleasant to downright bizarre as interviews shift into ad hoc exorcisms and mass hypnosis. That does not even include a surprise ending.

Late Night With the Devil was made a couple of years ago in Australia and had its domestic premiere at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival. There’s been an article in a trade publication that makes a big deal about two interstitial titles that used AI for the images. That is the least concern about what looks to be a cult hit.

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